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MNX's Florence Lee is a "Woman in Charge" in the Logistics Industry (Air Cargo News)

Los Angeles, CA: November 02, 2012 - MNX’s Region Director of Sales and Customer Service Asia Pacific, Florence Lee, was recently featured in a FlyingTypers Original “Women in Charge” article and published in the October 25th edition of Air Cargo News.

Lee joined MNX in June 2012, and was instrumental in accelerating MNX’s pace of growth in Asia Pacific, building a strong customer service and business development team in the region. Her appointment underscores the relevance that women can play in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

“The real engine behind the movement of goods/stuff from one point to another is a whole lot of people who have an eye for detail, a keen sense of observation, and an adaptive attitude. If a woman has what it takes, why not?”

To read the full article, visit Air Cargo News .

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