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MNX Continues International Expansion with India Office Opening

MNX ramps up in the "Silicon Valley of the East"

Los Angeles, CA: November 14, 2012 - MNX, a leading global provider of expedited transportation and logistics services, continues to experience global momentum, most recently with its expansion into India. As part of a deliberate strategy to build up its international service offerings in Asia Pacific and beyond, MNX will soon be growing its office in Bangalore, India, which is scheduled to open in early December 2012.

With multiple offices already on four continents, MNX’s India office will become part of a robust network that extends to more than 190 countries, 2,400 couriers and 450 airlines worldwide. Providing specialization in the life sciences, aviation and entertainment industries, MNX’s offering in India fits perfectly with the demands of the region. 

“Bangalore, which is increasingly becoming known as the ‘Silicon Valley of the East,’ has developed into a knowledge hub experiencing exponential growth in the life sciences and IT industries, two areas in which we have exceptional experience,” said Onno Boots, managing director, Asia Pacific. “Additionally, the Bangalore office is geographically positioned near two nerve centers of the Indian film industry, Chennai and Hyderabad. MNX will certainly be able to draw from our extensive entertainment logistics expertise to provide the best services for that industry as well.”

In addition to MNX’s primary time definite service offering, which is an option for mission-critical shipments, MNX will offer its India customers international in and out bound service, domestic air, domestic road, warehousing and value-added services. Other services offered by MNX include day definite and a variety of supply chain services tailored to the needs of its customers and their end markets.

The company has also filed for a warehousing facility in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which will further enhance its capabilities and service coverage in India. The Free Trade and Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) facility will provide MNX’s customers with tax, duty deferment and excise duty benefits on the fiscal and regulatory front, reduce customs clearance time and improve logistics connectivity.

While India is one of the two leading “growth countries” for the aviation industry, its strategic geographic location also provides favorable access to the Middle East and Far East markets.  As the Indian government eases the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules for the aviation industry, MNX is aligned to lead the aircraft maintenance logistics industry in India.

“MNX is well-positioned to take advantage of the geographic nuances of the regions in which we operate,” said Boots. “Our knowledge of the India interstate regulatory requirements will certainly prove helpful to clients who are seeking more than just a one-dimensional approach. Our focus for India will be appealing to the geographic diversity and spread of the region, in which flexibility and reach, with an emphasis on speed, reliability and customer-specific requirements will differentiate us from the other integrators.”

MNX India will be led by Paddy Padmanabhan, country manager, India, who will oversee the operational aspects for the office, managing local accounts and all deliveries originating or departing from India.  Padmanabhan brings more than fifteen years of supply chain experience across various functions and geographies to the position at MNX, having most recently worked as the lead for global aftermarket solutions for a leading logistics company in the United Kingdom. A business management graduate, Padmanabhan also has experience in the India market, having led regional finance and county commercial management portfolios before moving into a global role.

As MNX continues to build the office, Padmanabhan will be joined by senior leaders from the logistics industry who bring complementing skills and both local and global experience to the MNX India management team.   

“As a rapidly growing country, both in terms of population and positive economic growth, our current customer base really stands to benefit from our expansion into the India market,” said Boots. “With a sizable youth population willing to spend on travel and health care, the aviation and life sciences industries have the potential for rapid growth. Likewise, India now produces more movies than any other region in the world, and in doing so, collaborates with technicians across the globe. MNX will draw from its historical entertainment background to meet those needs.”

Appealing to the diverse and changing region, MNX’s domestic network will have the flexibility and agility to adapt to customer specific requirements, so that those customers will not have to incur major capital costs. The current logistical services landscape in India shows a lack of such specialized services; existing regional integrators serve predominantly as document and parcel companies or specialize in providing services for only one vertical. MNX will offer a two-tier service that provides either a “time definite” or “day definite” option, each with varying degrees of dedication and tailoring, depending on client needs.

“It’s an exciting time to be in India right now,” said Boots. “MNX truly has the potential to grow alongside the country as it continues in such a positive trajectory economically. Much of the country’s growth will stem from internal consumption, which may potentially lead to a scenario in which India would serve as the next hub for the ASEAN and African regions. In establishing our offices now, MNX will be able to prepare for that possibility.”

During the past several months, MNX has opened several offices in Asia Pacific and other growing markets and continues to work toward meeting aggressive growth goals internationally.

About MNX, Inc.
MNX is a leading global provider of specialized, expedited transportation and logistics services. Clients include multinational leaders in biopharmaceutical, life sciences, medical device, aviation and entertainment industries. These organizations rely on MNX’s exceptional record of transporting critical items around the world.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, MNX maintains regional headquarters in Singapore and London, enabling global, customized services. MNX serves over 190 countries, including key Asia Pacific and EMEA markets. Services include dedicated hand-carry; next-flight-out and 24/7 express courier, express airfreight, fulfillment operations and 4PL services management. www.mnx.com


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