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Customer-Tailored Mission Critical Services


Speed is at the heart of what we do. But effectiveness is equally as important as efficiency. To be effective we concentrate on understanding each customer's specific requirements. That's why we offer a customizable suite of express transportation and logistical services.

First Flight Out
Dedicated Hand Carry
Expedited Ground
Courier Express
Aircraft Charter

First flight out (FFO) and same-day by air services to all destinations worldwide, with individual handling, routing, customs clearance, retrieval and delivery. Comprehensive monitoring and communication to ensure the fastest possible delivery

MNX offers the quickest way to transport your mission critical shipments on a global basis. Your shipment will be picked up within an hour, placed on the first available flight, pro-actively monitored at every point, and delivered immediately upon arrival in your destination city.


  • Adherence to the industry's most stringent and time tested set of Standard Operating Procedures ensures you receive the highest, most consistent levels of service on every shipment.
  • Proprietary software and state of the art technology combine to provide the most pro-active, real-time, shipment monitoring system in the industry. You get complete visibility and up to the minute status of all your shipments
  • Advanced communications keep your customers informed in real-time on shipment status enhancing the customer experience you provide
  • MNX's experienced, dedicated, professionals are fully trained to handle the specific requirements established just for your company
  • MNX provides full customs clearance and retrieval services, and strictly adheres to security and regulatory measures and policies
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