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MNX Aviation Services provides expedited shipping solutions to airlines and operators, OEM’s, after market component suppliers, and MRO's.

Sourcing the fastest methods to get the part to the plane, MNX customers include airlines on all continents, corporate and government operators, and global aerospace industry suppliers.

MNX Aviation Services MNX supports time critical shipping requirements with services including Aircraft on Ground (AOG), loan returns, MEL’s and imminent maintenance work stoppage scenarios.

What makes MNX an ideal partner for aviation services organizations, large and small? We are big enough to provide ALL the logistical resources you need, but unlike the mega-sized transportation carriers, we become a valued extension of your business. You can rely on our dedicated aviation services team to understand your requirements, stay responsive, and ensure that your delivery is handled efficiently and expeditiously.

Interested in learning more? Call our dedicated Aviation & Aerospace hotline at 888-233-7247
or 310-330-2346
, or email us at aogsales@mnx.com

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