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Time isn't just precious for life sciences organizations, it is an essential element that determines the success or failure of a project or product. That's why MNX offers unique and comprehensive global fulfillment and transportation services tailor made to allow life sciences organizations to stay competitive.

As pioneers of first flight global transportation since the early 1980s, MNX has the experience and resources to offer time definite, temperature controlled shipping of specimens, blood, tissue, clinical, infectious materials, and live animals.

What makes MNX an ideal partner for life sciences organizations, large and small? We are big enough to provide ALL the logistical resources you need, but unlike the mega-sized transportation carriers, we become a valued extension of your business. Our dedicated life sciences team stays responsive at all points in the supply chain, from R&D to finished goods.

Specialized life sciences services include the global purchasing and local placement of packaging and coolants. We can also provide advice on the validation and design of packaging.

Life_sciencesThe MNX life sciences team also helps and advises customers on the initial setup and cost control structure for clinical trial logistics. This includes on-site training on correct export procedures and completion of documentation for each of your sites throughout the trial.

MNX's fully transparent delivery system provides real time, automatic tracking information to the trial’s sponsor, laboratories and CRO's and other stakeholders. Weekly and monthly management reports are available along with complete temperature logging and report services.

Individual monitoring of consignments, and the flexibility to collect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provides our customers with a powerful resource in the global management of their clinical trial logistics.

Interested in learning more? Call our dedicated Life Sciences hotline at 800-241-6685, or email us at lifesciences@mnx.com

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