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MNX realizes that transporting Medical Equipment and Devices many times represents a life saving situation. Whether shipping spinal kits for surgery, heart valves, pacemakers, or spare parts for MRI, Oncology, or X-ray equipment, many people depend on the services we provide on your behalf. MNX has spent years combining our operational expertise with sophisticated operating systems and technology, to ensure that you and your customers not only know exactly where your shipment is, every step of the way, but have real-time visibility throughout the process

Whether a new start up company launching your first product or one of the largest medical device or equipment manufacturers in the world, MNX can tailor solutions that help decrease inventory and carrying costs and ultimately increase the levels of service, communication, and overall satisfaction you provide your customers.

MNX specializes in working with start-ups and new Medical Device companies, allowing you to concentrate on your product engineering, development, and launch, while we worry about your transportation and logistics requirements. Our global operational and supply chain expertise, combined with our state-of-the-art technology enables us work with you to determine distribution and supply channels tailored to meet the specific service level requirements of your target customer base.

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