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This is the Engine of Precision Logistics

When advanced technology and innovative thinking come together, you have the right answer for every challenge. You have MNX Global Logistics.

From automating transportation to providing an easy-to-use customer portal. And from real-time monitoring to business intelligence that reveals new ways to improve the process. If there’s a technology that drives better performance, you’ll find it here.

We even make it simple to connect to the MNX Logistics Platform. Ready to conquer the chaos? Start here.

Our Precision Technology

MNX Logistics Platform

This is the center of precision logistics: a proprietary, cloud-based system that integrates easily with yours to automate all of your transportation needs.

Customer Portal

Get a single, easy-to-use web portal for ordering and monitoring shipments in real time. Plus, get comprehensive reporting to identify trends and optimize performance.

Mobile App

GPS Enabled Real-Time Monitoring

Business Intelligence

API / Web Service Integrations

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MNX Global Logistics