When a delay is not an option, MNX is the solution.

September 28, 2023: UPS has announced the acquisition of MNX. Read more.

Industry-Focused Solutions

We are the leader in expedited shipping across the globe. From irreplaceable specimens for clinical trials to crucial parts for a grounded plane or telecommunications equipment; MNX is synonymous with Time-Critical Logistics. Our customers’ shipments require vigilance, precision and deep knowledge that only comes from decades of experience.

Life Sciences

Why trust MNX? 50 years experience in the logistics industry has positioned us not just as experts, but pioneers.

Why trust MNX? 50 years experience in the logistics industry has positioned us not just as experts, but pioneers.

Experts at organizing Forward Stocking Locations (FSL’s) and expedited shipping solutions that keep parts accessible.

When you’re faced with an unplanned AOG – you need parts now. Trust our experienced AOG logistics team for NFO, charters, or ground couriers to deliver what you need – anytime, anywhere.

When security matters most – you need a Logistics partner with experience moving confidential shipments for government, military, and the financial sector. You need MNX.

Delivering Success On a Worldwide Scale

MNX offers a complete suite of shipping and logistics services, in every corner of the globe. From next flight out to expedited ground service, we are committed to precision, planning, and professionalism.

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Global Forward Stocking Locations
Countries Around the World Working with MNX Logistics
Highly Trained Global Couriers

24 / 7 / 365

Full Visibility for Customers Throughout Shipment Journey

Reliable Logistics Technologies

Our streamlined and reliable shipping methods are fueled by thoughtful technology. We believe our clients deserve transparency throughout the shipping process and our real-time monitoring and easy-to-use customer portal provide peace of mind throughout your shipping experience.

Our Latest Updates

We are honored to be a global connector for all types of industries. Check out our posts for stories of precision, worldwide news, and more.

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