Beyond the Box

Every person has a story. Every package has a journey. Every business should have a purpose. At MNX – our purpose is to look beyond the box and see the person impacted by that delivery.

People Waiting for an Organ Donation

Transplant Surgeries Performed Annually

Our Why

Thinking beyond the box is thinking beyond the package placed in a cargo bay or being carried by an OBC.
Inside that box is something priceless. Every transfer, every step, and every stop are all part of a journey of hope.

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Partner Training

MNX routinely hosts Beyond the Box training at our airline partners’ locations. We directly connect the destinations they frequently read on shipping labels to the life-impacting stories of patients in need.

We help them recognize the unique packaging and labeling for transplant organs, human blood, time- and temperature-sensitive treatments, as well as high value equipment.

Handle with care takes on a whole new meaning after a Beyond the Box training.

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Dedicated Couriers

MNX’s couriers will deliver shipments directly to the patient, operating room, lab or department inside a hospital or institution.

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Time-Critical Logistics

Specialists in transporting blood, stem cells, organ/tissue for transplant, nuclear medicines, clinical trials, medical devices.

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Handling Expertise

MNX provides collection site and specimen handling expertise with time specific deliveries.

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Continuous Monitoring

24/7/365 customer control towers for complete visibility and access.