Air Charter for Life Sciences: the Fastest Flight for Life-Saving Deliveries

Air Charter for Life Sciences: the fastest flight for life-saving deliveries

When a critically-ill patient doesn’t have a second to spare, you don’t have time to wait. That’s why air charter is commonplace in life sciences and healthcare. By chartering a plane, you’re placing your package on a direct flight to the point of care—wherever that may be.

After all, there’s no time to delay when your patients are waiting for lifesaving radiopharmaceuticals or organs for transplant. There’s no room for logistical errors when irreplaceable lab specimens need to arrive safely and as quickly as possible.

Chartering with Confidence: Handling Specialized Shipments in Healthcare

Because a chartered flight isn’t scheduled like a commercial one, you can avoid the issues that scheduled flights often face. With air charter service, it doesn’t matter if your local airport is dealing with delays, or if your patient lives far away from a major city. And because your chartered aircraft only serves you, you can request accommodations for shipments that require special licensing, expertise, or handling, such as radioactive materials or cold chain products that must be refrigerated.

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However, there’s more to chartering the right air charter than just choosing the aircraft. For example, many countries have strict regulations on who is allowed to provide charter services, and where they’re allowed to fly. In the U.S., chartered flights require a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 certificate to operate.

When every second matters, the last thing you want to worry about are delays and regulations. That’s why you need a logistics provider with the right partnerships with aircraft owners and charter companies around the world to create the best air charter solution for your patients’ needs.

Building the Right Air Charter Network

building the right air charter network

To fulfill your urgent life science and healthcare delivery needs, your logistics provider must have the technology and expertise to ensure a swift and smooth delivery every time. That includes:

  • A Dedicated Charter Team that’s available 24/7/365 and can arrange for air charter service anywhere in the world.
  • Personalized care from take-off to landing, ensuring that you receive the precise logistic solution you need. If your delivery requires a positioning flight, you need a partner with the technology and expertise to make the connection seamless.
  • A fleet of options, with a wide range of aircraft to suit every kind of chartered shipment. When you need a small aircraft to deliver an urgent package to a remote location, your logistics provider must have the right resources and connections to get it there.
  • The expertise to choose the right aircraft: whether it’s size, dimensions or capabilities, you want a partner who knows how to select the right aircraft for the job—so you don’t have to.
  • Expedited ground courier services to complete the journey. No matter how remote the airport, our network of more than 45,000 courier partners worldwide ensures we’ll deliver to your final destination on time.

The Quickest Path to Urgent Patient Care

When your shipments are time-critical, you need a logistics provider that can ensure they arrive when needed. That’s where MNX steps in. To us, it’s not just a package. It’s a patient. So no matter where or when your delivery needs to arrive, you can trust us. Our team of in-house air charter professionals—equipped with advanced, proprietary technology—will get it there as quickly as possible.

When you place your trust in MNX, you have a team working exclusively for you and your patients. 

Leave the logistics to us, so you can focus more on what you want to do most: save lives.

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