MNX Receives Class 7 Radiopharmaceutical License for Italy – Enabling Light Jet Charter Services

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MNX Global Logistics (“MNX”) is in exclusive company, as one of only five air providers of Class 7 materials into Italy and the only provider licensed to charter light jet services. In an exclusive partnership for radiopharmaceuticals with Air Hamburg, MNX is able to cross a geographic and demographic threshold that has been inaccessible for Radiopharmaceutical companies on a light charter basis.

“The population of Italy is vital when conducting clinical trials for radiopharmaceuticals,” said Tom Brennan, Vice President of Life Sciences at MNX. “Currently there are studies for Alzheimer, Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer that will regain momentum as we’re able to deliver more doses.”

Certain Radiopharmaceuticals have a short half-life and must be delivered in less than five to six hours. Air charters significantly cut down on transport time, relieving much of the up-front risk and reducing loss of valuable doses due to decay.

“Air Hamburg is proud to receive the approval to carry radiopharmaceutical goods into Italy and looks forward to partnering with MNX to provide air charters,” said David Bergold, Vice President Sales.

Time-critical logistics is the hallmark of MNX. “Whether by ground, air, or a combination of both, we ensure our customers’ products are delivered with care and precision and often within very short windows of time. Earning the Class 7 license in Italy expands our reach for a vital segment of healthcare studies,” said Brennan.

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