Next Flight Out (NFO) for AOG: The Fastest Way to Fly Again

Next Flight Out (NFO) for AOG_ The Fastest Way to Fly Again

The view from inside the plane often looks very different then the view from outside. A passenger is wrapping up a business trip and eager to get home. While on the tarmac the captain announces there’s a mechanical problem. The waiting begins.

Minutes pass, and then an hour. Eventually, passengers are forced to deplane—because the part needed isn’t on hand.

The view from the outside of the plane is just as disappointing. Airlines go into triage. Working to get passengers onto other flights and quickly source the critical part and minimize more flight disruptions. Just like the passengers – airline employees aren’t getting home by dinner time either.

Stories like this are an airline’s worst nightmare. When a plane is forcibly grounded, it’s deemed an “aircraft on ground” (AOG). Not only can it damage an airline’s reputation, but an AOG’s impact can cascade across multiple airports, as one delayed flight leads to another (and another).

What can the airline do to get the AOG back in the air as quickly as possible? For the fastest delivery—from replacement parts to entire engines—Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping can answer the call.

But choosing the fastest flight isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Just because a flight leaves sooner, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the first one to land at the AOG’s airport. The flight could have multiple stops along the way, encounter poor weather conditions, or face delays with customs or government regulations.

When a time-critical delivery can help you minimize disruptions and lost revenue, you don’t just need the next flight out. You need the best flight out.

NFO Strategy: What to Look for in an AOG Logistics Provider

To get your AOG back in the air as soon as possible, you need an AOG logistics provider that can act as a single point of contact to deliver the right NFO solution. That means having the right technology and deep expertise to determine the best transportation route. For your AOG strategy, look for a logistics provider that offers:

  • An in-house Air Charter Desk that can help arrange charter flights to deliver engine parts or other AOG shipments, no matter when or where your shipment needs to go.
  • Returns management with support for borrowing and lending, allowing you to optimize transportation efficiency while cutting costs on returned parts.
  • Global reach and strong carrier relationships—so no matter where your shipment needs to go, it has the best opportunity to arrive on time. MNX delivers to more than 500 airports across 190 countries—critical for AOG shipments.
  • Warehousing and storage that meet ASA-100 standards, including a broad network of forward stocking locations. Combined with a single inventory management system, you can see your entire storage network and strategically position parts closer to airports.
  • TSA-certified ground couriers that cover the “final mile” as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the best flight out won’t land at the AOG’s airport. The right courier will complete the final leg of the journey and deliver to the final destination on time.
  • Real-time monitoring of various locations, security measures, and environmental factors such as weather.

The Wind at Your Back

NFO can be your best choice for the fastest delivery of replacement parts—and MNX, your best choice for NFO. MNX Intelligent Routing technology helps ensure you identify the best flight out. We use nonstop flights when possible. And MNX AOG Logistics Specialists analyze additional variables such as the on-time performance of airlines and the level of airport traffic—all to ensure the quickest and safest path possible to your destination.

Every day, MNX arranges NFO time-critical deliveries to get AOGs back in the air. We partner with over 500+ airports and 45,000 uniformed, professional couriers—serving 190 countries from more than 700 forward-stocking locations.

Armed with MNX Intelligent Routing technology, our MNX AOG Logistics Specialists are ready when you are to tailor the ideal solution for every NFO delivery, every time. We have the global infrastructure, technology, relationships, and expertise to help you get grounded planes soaring through the skies once again.

Contact MNX to learn more about our AOG Logistics Services.

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