Next Flight Out (NFO): Safety and Speed in Secured Transport

Next Flight Out (NFO)_ Safety and Speed in Secured Transport

When it’s highly sensitive, irreplaceable, and needs to be delivered as quickly as possible, leading financial institutions and government agencies alike turn to Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping. When safety, speed, and security matter, you want your shipment on the first aircraft that can deliver on time—especially when that means ASAP.

But the very next flight available might not be the answer for the secured transport of such sensitive shipments as one-of-a-kind documents and proprietary digital media. Why? Because it may not arrive at your destination first. There may be a different flight that leaves later but arrives sooner. Rather than the next flight out, you need the best flight out.

Of all the available flights to your destination, how do you know which is the best flight out?

What to Look for in an NFO Logistics Partner for Secure Transport

For the fastest way to deliver your highly sensitive, time-critical materials, your logistics provider needs deep expertise with both technology and precision logistics. That includes:

  • Flight routing technology that identifies the fastest delivery based on weather, aircraft type, security requirements, on-time performance, schedule reliability, and availability of backup flights. 
  • GPS-enabled real-time monitoring that uses 4G and 5G technology to precisely track your high-value shipments from origin to delivery. For the highest levels of security, an airline-approved sensor should monitor precisely when and where a shipment is opened or if the outer packaging has been compromised.
  • Additional security measures such as unmarked vans and serialized, tamper-proof cable or zip ties.
  • Trained agents that provide precise answers around such critical questions as which airline has the best on-time performance for a specific route or which airports you should avoid at which times. 
  • Global reach and strong carrier relationships—so no matter where your shipment needs to go, it has the best opportunity to arrive on time. MNX delivers to more than 500 airports across 190 countries.
  • Expedited ground courier services to complete the journey, picking up at the airport and delivering to the final destination. MNX has more than 45,000 courier partners worldwide.
  • Anytime, anywhere coverage: emergencies happen 24/7/365. So you need a logistics provider ready to respond when needed—including nights, weekends, and holidays.
What to Look for in an NFO Logistics Partner for Secure Transport

A Partner in Time

When your shipment is irreplaceable, security matters the most. And nothing is more secure than a logistics strategy planned down to the most precise detail.

MNX Intelligent Routing technology helps identify the best flight out for your high-value, time-critical delivery. We use nonstop flights when possible. And MNX Logistics Specialists analyze additional variables such as the on-time performance of airlines and the level of airport traffic—all to ensure the quickest and safest path possible to your destination.

Every day, MNX arranges NFO time-critical deliveries of highly sensitive materials for financial institutions, government agencies, and others around the globe. We ship to 190 countries and maintain more than 700 forward-stocking locations.

More than 45,000 uniformed, professional couriers are trained to provide white-glove service for secure and irreplaceable items. Our couriers are thoroughly vetted: we require them to undergo background checks from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and—if required—obtain additional state or federal clearances as well. For military deliveries, our vetted drivers improve efficiency by being familiar with the logistics procedures of military bases.

Armed with MNX Intelligent Routing technology, our MNX Logistics Specialists are ready when you are to tailor the ideal solution for every NFO delivery, every time. We have the global infrastructure, technology, relationships, and expertise to help keep sensitive shipments safe, discreet, and on time.

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