On-Board Couriers: A Concierge Service for Your Shipment

On-Board Couriers_ A Concierge Service for Your Shipment

The package may be small, but it’s irreplaceable. You can’t afford to lose it—and there’s no room for errors or delays in delivery. What if it’s loaded onto the wrong plane? Or gets mishandled and damaged in the cargo hold? What if it’s lost? What if you knew an easy way to avoid nightmares like these?

Now you do: trust your most valuable packages to an On-Board Courier (OBC), who personally travels with your package as either checked or carry-on luggage on a commercial flight. Then, personally delivers the package to its final destination and puts it in the hands of the intended recipient. It’s the ultimate in chain-of-custody accountability.

Just follow the airline’s guidelines for carry-on or checked luggage—as well as any Customs requirements. Your OBC takes it from there.

The Most Secure Way to Fly

Because your OBC maintains full personal custody of your package from start to finish, they can monitor its status during every minute and every mile of the journey. So there’s less chance that a mishap could damage the package or delay its on-time arrival. Plus, your OBC can keep you informed with real-time status updates. And if you have a change in plans, you can let your OBC know without concern that the information will get “lost in the shuffle.”

Other OBC benefits include:

  • Punctual couriers you can trust with last-minute shipping. Unlike cargo services—which usually require you to arrive at the airport three, four, or even five hours before your scheduled flight time—an OBC can arrive as soon as an hour prior. 
  • Easy passage through Customs at any time, no matter how small or remote the airport. Some small international airports won’t process inbound cargo from midnight to 6 a.m. However, an On-Board Courier on a commercial flight will arrive alongside other passengers, so they can go through Customs as soon as they arrive.
Benefits of an On-Board Courier

Now that you see the value of relying on an OBC for your most valuable shipments, how do you select the right one? Taking it a step further, how do you ensure your OBC is on the best flight to ensure on-time arrival at the destination airport? And how do you make the right transportation arrangements on the ground to make sure your OBC quickly and safely completes the final leg of the delivery?

For that, you need the right logistics strategy—and the right logistics partner with strong analytical capabilities, deep expertise, and close relationships with airlines and local couriers.

The World’s Largest OBC Provider

When the highest levels of service and accountability matter most, you can trust MNX, the world’s largest provider of OBC services. Every day, we pair our clients with one of 45,000 uniformed, professional couriers from across 190 countries—trained to provide white-glove service and boasting deep expertise in hand-carrying unique and time-critical items.

Our couriers are also thoroughly vetted: we require them to undergo background checks from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and—if required—obtain additional state or federal clearances as well.

MNX Intelligent Routing technology helps ensure your OBC will be on the best flight out to arrive ASAP. We identify and use nonstop flights when possible. And MNX Solution Specialists analyze additional variables such as the on-time performance of airlines and the level of airport traffic—all to ensure the quickest and safest path possible to your destination.

For your most valuable shipments, MNX is the only concierge you need.

Learn more about our range of transportation services that MNX tailors to your precise needs. 

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