The Benefits of On-Board Courier (Hand Carry) Services

On-Board Courier or Hand Carry service is a specialized expedited transportation service where a courier physically carries the product being shipped onto a passenger flight for transportation to the final destination.

As one of the largest providers of this service around the globe, MNX has couriers stationed at key gateway cities across the United States, Europe and Asia who are prepared to depart at a moment’s notice. Some of the products that our couriers have carried include master copies of digital intellectual property, aviation components to support a grounded aircraft during “Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG)” situations, highly proprietary prototypes, and even one-of-a-kind antique musical instruments.

What are the Benefits of Using On-Board Couriers?

In almost every situation where on-board couriers are used, the product carried had specific demands for a short delivery window and/or security considerations.

Key Benefits of MNX’s On-Board Courier Service Include:

  • Full control and custody of valuable items
  • Live status updates by the courier
  • Expedited customs clearance
  • May allow for later pickup (before flight) and faster delivery (after flight)

Our couriers maintain full custody of the products they carry throughout the entire journey. Because the product is carried onto the aircraft by the courier, any customs declaration (for international shipments) is done via the passenger channels. And as soon as the courier clears immigration and customs procedures, the shipment is ready for final delivery. All this together provides a more secure, seamless and faster end-to-end delivery experience for the customer.

Why Choose MNX?

With more than 30 years’ experience providing on-board-courier services, MNX is well positioned to serve any customers’ on-board courier requirements.

  • Global services team with decades of experience working for you.
  • Experienced and highly vetted couriers performing this service professionally.
  • Worldwide support and courier base.

For further information about this service and to setup an account with MNX, please contact us here.

Note: On-Board Courier services are reserved for commodities that meet airline carry-on or checked baggage size and requirements. Items containing liquids, sharp objects, hazardous materials or that do not meet TSA carry-on requirements cannot be carried on-board passenger aircraft cabins for transportation.