How GPS Technology Is Enhancing Shipment Visibility and Saving Lives

MNX uses SenseAwareSM, a FedEx Innovation to facilitate constant surveillance of our most time-critical, high-value and sensitive shipments. This multi-sensing device, using both GPS technology and cellular location services is providing transportation solutions providers like MNX with an unprecedented level of shipment visibility. Time and again, this technology has proven itself invaluable in allowing us to catch any shipping problems when it happens, and to intervene in a timely manner to rescue the shipment.

In a recent example, MNX was shipping a kidney for transplant across the country for an Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). The shipment failed to be loaded onto the intended flight by the airline. Because we had a SenseAware device on the shipment, our Logistics Specialist was alerted to the failure as soon as the flight departed. Unfortunately in this case, the flight that this kidney was supposed to be on was the very last flight of the day.

Collaborating with our client OPO on all available transportation options, it was soon apparent that the next logical flight would depart 5 hours later – beyond the storage viability of the organ. With that option exhausted, the OPO was able to identify a secondary patient located just 3 hours’ drive away that would also benefit from receiving this kidney transplant. Having this information in hand, our Logistics Specialist immediately dispatched a courier to the airport to recover the kidney from the airline and transport it to the secondary patient for a successful transplant surgery.

Senseaware-Composite-Blog SenseAware Real-Time Shipment and Package Monitoring

Without SenseAware, we would have been blind to the impending failure of this highly critical and life-saving shipment. Fortunately, the actionable shipment intelligence provided by SenseAware not only provided us with the ability to intervene, but to intervene in a timely manner to ensure another patient was able to receive this kidney, and potentially saving a life.

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OBC-in-Mongolia MNX's Logistics Specialists are notified that the shipment is still on the ground. Image for illustration purpose only.