Weather Disruptions Plague Transportation Providers but MNX Continues to Deliver

The recent Winter Storm Stella disrupted travel and transportation networks all across the US Northeast. MNX activated our weather contingency plans ahead of the storm, ensuring that the most critical, lifesaving shipments in our network continue to be delivered.

Weather modification technology has been around for more than half a century, when scientist from General Electric used silver iodide bullets to successfully induce rain from clouds, and then patented their technique in 1948. More recently, proponents of large scale weather modification can point to reports that Beijing used such technology during the 2008 Beijing Olympics to reduce the chance of rain during the games. However, in this day and age where we have an app for just about anything and we can summon an “Uber for Haircuts” with the touch of our smartphone, science and technology still has not developed breakthroughs that can reliably and consistently control weather.


Here at MNX however, we do use technology, not in a capacity to control weather, but rather to help us recover and continue shipping in spite of weather. We have previously discussed our use of SenseAware and how the actionable intelligence that it provides allows us to intervene. In a severe weather situation, SenseAware allows us to easily monitor all of our critical shipments, and reroute them to minimize disruptions. Our teams are constantly monitoring weather forecasts, service bulletins and embargos by our airline partners, and any ground conditions by state and local agencies. All of this information together helps us paint a complete picture so that our operations leadership can make informed decisions.

Beginning as early as a week before the weather event, our Customer Advocates begin informing customers about contingencies. Part of our inclement weather management process involves working closely with our customers to help manage the crisis. For mission critical shipments, (usually those that involve lifesaving Radiopharmaceutical Drugs, Cord-Blood or Organs for Transplant), we have processes in place that can continue to move these shipments – as we did during Winter Storm Stella – as soon as it is safe for our team members and partners to do so.

If you have a highly critical commodity that requires transportation even during severe weather, contact our solutions specialists to see how our services might be able to support your business.