When an Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) Situation Calls For a Critical Delivery Charter Flight

Taking an airplane out of service can cost an airline operator hundreds of thousands of dollars a day – from loss of revenue, airport charges, and compensation to disgruntled passengers (to name a few). That is why when faced with an “Aircraft-On-Ground” or AOG situation, airline operators need to get replacement parts, equipment, tooling and sometimes even mechanics to the grounded aircraft – as quickly as possible – to help get it back in the air.

Such was the case recently when one of our airline customers called MNX for help transporting a large engine component for their grounded aircraft. The airline contacted MNX’s dedicated Aviation Services Center AOG Desk requesting for quotes to transport this engine component from the manufacturer’s location to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport. From there, the airline would fly the part themselves to the grounded aircraft.

MNX operates a dedicated AOG Service desk that mirrors many Airlines’ own AOG Desk. Our solutions specialists with years of experience serving Airlines, OEMs, MROs and Part Suppliers understand the urgency of AOG situations and work hand-in-hand with the Airline’s AOG team to offer the most efficient yet cost effective solution to help get the plane back in the air.

In this situation, in addition to providing the requested quote to transport the engine component to the nearest major gateway airport, MNX’s AOG Desk worked with our in-house Charter Desk to offer a complete turn-key solution that involved both a ground transportation leg, and a chartered aircraft leg to get the component to the final destination.

MNX-AOG-Cargo-Charter-Loading2 (1) MNX AOG Charter Loading Ilyushin IL 76 at CDG

After reviewing all options, the airline decided to go with MNX’s proposed solution. Our option offered the best balance of cost and efficiency, but more importantly, it provided a seamless solution that got the component to the aircraft sooner – so that it could be repaired and flying again faster than any of the other available options.

The MNX Charter Desk worked closely with the MNX Aviation Services Team and our local office in Paris to arrange for an Ilyushin IL 76 ferried in from Russia for this AOG charter mission. The engine component was delivered successfully to the airline and the grounded plane was repaired and allowed to go airborne once again.

MNX-AOG-Cargo-Charter-Interior MNX AOG Charter Loading Ilyushin IL 76 at CDG - Interior