FDA Approval of First Cellular-Therapy Treatment for Cancer Underscores the Importance of a Robust Logistics and Transportation Process

The food and drug administration today approves the first cellular-therapy treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a form of blood and bone marrow cancer most commonly found in children.

According to NPR:

“The treatment, which is also called CTL109, produced remission within three months in 83 percent of 63 pediatric and young adult patients. The patients had failed to respond to standard treatments or had suffered relapses.

Novartis, which developed the drug, says a one-time treatment will cost $475,000 for patients who respond. People who did not respond would not be charged, the company says.”

The logistics and transportation process for cellular-therapy treatment is multi-stage, requires time-definite pick-ups and deliveries, cold-chain considerations, and involves complex coordination and management. This is where the MNX Life Sciences Control Tower Logistics Management process comes in.

Our couriers have certified access to major oncology treatment centers and hospitals, and are able to pick-up or deliver directly to the nurse or doctor. MNX is able to also forward stock critical supplies such as packaging, labels and kits and arrange to have the courier provide these items, including provisions for pre-conditioning or dry-ice.

For patients undergoing cellular-therapy, these reprogrammed white blood cells may represent the only chance they have to beat cancer. Our operational philosophy is that Next-Flight-Out (NFO) shipments for life-saving clinical therapy are sometimes not good enough. We utilize a proprietary algorithm we call “Best-Flight-Out” that incorporates airline route performance, hub performance, weather and a suite of other critical data to select the best flight options.

Additionally, MNX has the most experience using real-time GPS & cellular tower enabled multi-sensing technology to monitor our shipments. To date, we have placed this device on more than 50,000 shipments. The use of such real-time monitoring technology allows us to continually monitor parameters such as internal temperature and location. If anything goes out of range, or if a shipment misses a flight, our solutions specialists are immediately notified, and are empowered to intervene to ensure cell viability and on-time delivery.

At MNX, we believe that a process oriented approach, highly experienced and dedicated Solutions Specialists, paired with a state-of-the art shipment monitoring technology platform, will offer the most robust logistics and transportation solution for cellular- therapy treatment and the patients they serve. To learn more, download the MNX cell-therapy infographic or contact us today.

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