Holiday and Weekend Shipping and Delivery Services

Have a need to ship or deliver critical items on a weekend or holiday? MNX Global Logistics’ 24/7/365 service can help you do that.

In a globalized world and supply chain, commerce never stops. And MNX is here to help keep production lines moving and life-saving medical drugs and products delivered to patients. It doesn’t matter if it is a weekend¹, or a holiday¹ (including but not limited to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year or Golden Week), MNX’s 24/7/365 specialty services can help you ship and deliver your critical products.

Additionally, for international shipments, MNX’s On-Board Courier (OBC) Hand-Carry service is especially suited to clear smaller and security-sensitive products through international customs expeditiously.

Weekend and holiday shipments can be arranged for:

  • Production prototypes
  • Urgent production supplies
  • Medical products (Radiopharmaceuticals, organ for transplants, allograft transplants, blood and cord blood, medical devices)
  • Film and television dailies
  • Any consumer or non-consumer critical product

If you have any need for shipping and delivery services on weekends and holidays, please contact us to speak with a logistics specialists.

¹Additional surcharges may apply

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