Revolutionizing Logistics for CAR-T Therapy Commercialization

When it comes to CAR-T Therapy commercialization, you need to think BEYOND THE BOX.

Unlike during a trial where patients are limited to treatment centers in select geographies, CAR-T therapy commercialization will bring about new challenges in the logistics management process.

Here at MNX, we never forget that your shipments are more than just boxes. We know that what we deliver can make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why our team of logistics professionals are with you at every step of the journey, providing full-service supply chain solutions that empower your mission of transformative oncology treatments. Like you, MNX never loses sight of the patients beyond the box.

Our “Healthcare Control Tower” logistics management process can provide you with a globally coordinated and controlled end-to-end logistics solution. Technology enabled Actionable Intelligence provides the eyes needed to synchronize thousands of apheresis samples and patient doses moving simultaneously across the system.

The MNX CAR-T logistics advantage includes:

  • White-glove in-hospital service: Healthcare couriers that can pick-up or deliver every patient apheresis sample or dose directly to the person administering the treatment.
  • Proven experience: More than 25 years’ experience delivering to Cancer Centers across the United States and the world.
  • Real-time Actionable Intelligence: Technology-enabled platform that monitors shipment milestone as well as critical parameters like temperature and location.
  • Proactive intervention: Solutions specialists empowered to intervene when necessary to ensure temperature controlled requirements stay within range and delivery timelines are met.
Beyond-the-Box-1 CAR-T Commercialization Logistics