MNX and Delta Cargo Conduct Healthcare and Life Sciences Shipment Roadshow at JFK International Airport

MNX in collaboration with Delta Cargo recently conducted a healthcare and life sciences roadshow with Delta’s ramp and cargo handling agents at JFK International Airport. Both companies got together to share best practices and to develop operational procedures to improve the handling of life-saving healthcare shipments that move to, from or through the JFK hub.

The theme of the roadshow – Beyond the Box – extends MNX’s recent marketing campaign around the importance and critical nature of our life sciences and healthcare shipments. At MNX, we know that what we deliver makes a difference in people’s lives. Not only do our logistics professionals never lose sight of the patients beyond the box, we work with our airline partners to ensure that every individual who handles these shipments are vigilant about the proper handling of critical life sciences products.

Delta-A350 Delta A350

MNX’s operations leadership team met with Delta’s ramp agents, terminal supervisors and managers. The agenda included sharing of case studies and explaining the proper handling of shipments involving Organ for Transplants, Radiopharmaceuticals, Cellular Therapy, Cord Blood and Medical Devices. MNX also shared some of the packaging used by our customers for these shipments and the labeling that is unique to an MNX shipment. All these steps help Delta’s front line employees get familiarized with MNX and our customer’s specific packaging and labels, allowing them to quickly identify these critical shipments while on the job.

“The Delta ramp and terminal personnel truly gained awareness of our shipments and had the opportunity to exchange experiences and share ideas with the MNX team,” said Bert Mesa, Vice President Americas, “This will only help us to continue improving our relationship with Delta and ultimately allow us to provide better service to our customers and reduce the likelihood of errors.”

The meeting was deemed a success. MNX and Delta Cargo plans to take this roadshow to other Delta airports including Atlanta and Los Angeles. MNX is also working with our other airline partners to conduct similar events with their cargo front line and ramp employees.

*All images courtesy of Delta Cargo

Delta-MNX-Roadshow-1 Delta MNX Roadshow