[White Paper] Transforming the Cellular Immunotherapy Supply Chain

Learn how Cardinal Health and MNX Global Logistics collaborate to strengthen the cellular immunotherapy supply chain and help you commercialize your therapies

Nicole’s story.

It was her only chance to live. Nicole had already endured seven rounds of chemotherapy, but she was losing her fight with leukemia. The damage to her cells was taking its toll. Then an emerging immunotherapy called CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) offered new hope. And 28 days later, Nicole’s cancer was in remission.

When a life like hers hangs in the balance, who can you trust to deliver these engineered, irreplaceable cells?

The promise of immunotherapies such as CAR-T, TCR and others is here today. And so are the logistical challenges. Like Nicole’s cells before CAR-T therapy, the immunotherapy supply chain wasn’t functioning as it should — until now. Two industry leaders have come together to upset the status quo and create a better way. You’ve just heard Nicole’s story. Now, come hear ours.

Inside the White Paper:

  • Challenges in the cellular immunotherapy supply chain
  • How MNX and Cardinal Health have come together to provide standardization across the care delivery continuum
  • How we help cellular immunotherapy providers serve their patients with confidence and consistency, thereby reducing risk
  • Integrated technology for a true end-to-end and vein-to-vein solution
Cellular-Immunotherapy-Logistics Cellular Immunotherapy Logistics

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