[White Paper] Delivering at the Pace of Precision Medicine

AreLearn how global logistics support the evolution of the nuclear medicine industry

Today, there is more energy and excitement in the world of nuclear medicine than ever before. New therapies offer new hope, as developers design them to be more precise and less physically traumatic to patients. The performance of emerging therapeutics and traditional diagnostics alike is stirring greater interest and activity in conducting more clinical trials. Driven by this surge of activity, the nuclear medicine market is forecast to reach more than US$ 5 billion by 2024, growing by approximately 9% CAGR over that period.

“Precision medicine is the new paradigm,” added Greg Santamaria, CEO of Cyclotek, the first commercial operator of medical cyclotrons in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the manufacturer of a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals. “Today, there’s a greater understanding of molecular pathways. Research clinicians are using this information to explore and develop a more accurate assessment of the disease and create a better therapeutic response. Precision medicine is answering the big questions and giving patients more certainty. Hope is a powerful drug.”

When it comes to delivering a lifesaving dose, there is zero room for failure. That is why pharmaceutical companies and CMOs should choose a logistics provider based on its ability to meet these requirements.

Inside this white paper:

  • Learn how Nuclear Medicine logistics is different
  • Four keys to choosing an effective logistics provider
  • The power of logistics in opening new markets

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