MNX is Ready to Assist with Global Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine development is in the late-stage trials phase and distribution is just around the corner. Rest assured, MNX is ready to safely store, transport and deliver any type of vaccine or medication around the world. It is going to take a global effort. Ten billion vaccine doses will require 15,000 flights, more than 200,000 pallets and 15 million deliveries. Many of the vaccines being developed will require cold storage throughout the supply chain, with temperature control needs reaching -80°C.

While many professionals in governments, municipalities and health systems are only now beginning to understand the complexities of the delivery challenge, MNX is providing a calming effect needed during this stressful period.

We haven’t been waiting for vaccine approvals. MNX has been in this fight since the beginning. We’ve been assisting agencies around the world to solve vital COVID-19 transportation challenges including the storage and delivery of test kits, diagnostic equipment and reagents – some of which also require cold storage throughout the chain.

We are ready with our world-wide network of facilities and personnel that has been bolstered over past pandemics and crises, like H1N1 nearly a decade ago. Not only will an incredible amount of deep freezer storage be needed but dry ice will be required throughout transportation. With a world-wide concern that dry-ice will be impacted by a shortage of CO2 gas to produce it, the ability to restock dry ice during transportation cannot be overstated. Many deliveries will require long drives to reach their destinations and not just in far away, sparsely populated areas of the world. MNX encounters such vital delivery needs every day and has the dry ice production connections and contracts needed to obtain it at any hour of the day.

vaccine distribution MNX Vaccine Distribution

MNX Vaccine Distribution Readiness Plan:

  • Working with our air partners to secure air cargo space
  • Bolstering dry-ice supplies at key gateway locations
  • Sourcing for additional -80°C cold storage as needed

MNX also provides GPS enabled tracking information so vaccine developers and manufacturers can have confidence MNX shipments are where they’re supposed to be. Our teams persistently communicate the status of shipments giving crucial information like real-time temperature and location updates.

Even as logistics companies worldwide prepare to handle the most important peace time distribution effort in history, having the fastest and most flexible courier network in the world ready and standing by will be critical. MNX Global Logistics is that network for the shipments that matter most. MNX stands ready to ensure not a single life-saving dose will be lost.

Until that day when COVID-19 is a chapter in the history book, MNX is working tirelessly to ensure test kits, specimens, convalescent plasma, PPE, and equipment is delivered daily to our healthcare heroes who are working tirelessly as well to bring this pandemic to an end.

Contact us to learn more about our vaccine distribution capabilities.