It’s Shipageddon! Conquer the chaos with MNX.

On land, in the air and across the seven seas, right now the world’s supply chain can be summed up best in a single word: chaos.

Blame it on the pandemic, explosion of ecommerce, out-of-control wildfires and hurricanes, labor shortages, bottlenecks in cargo shipping—you name it. They’re all contributing to a global supply chain that once ran like clockwork.

The holiday shipping surge will only add to the chaos as deliveries are delayed around the world, just as they were last year.

Last Christmas Eve, reported that more than one million packages wouldn’t arrive in time for the holidays.[1] Looking back, the reality was far worse. In late August, reported that as many as 700 million packages were impacted last holiday season.[2]

If you’re shipping toys this holiday season, you may disappoint some shoppers. But what if you’re transporting life-saving medical devices or a replacement part for a commercial aircraft stranded halfway to its destination? Those shipments are mission-critical: they must arrive on time. Patients are waiting for treatment and passengers are standing by (impatiently) to continue their journey.

Relying on the already stretched-thin resources of parcel carriers, integrators and freight forwarders may be a risk you simply can’t take. Especially if you’re shipping time-sensitive or cold-chain products.

Due to the trickle-down effect of a compromised global supply chain and the crushing effect of online holiday sales, UPS, DHL, Amazon, and others are facing capacity crunches like never before. This will inevitably lead to delivery delays—just as it did last holiday season. Be prepared for their on-time performance to fall, and delivery guarantees to disappear.

To combat the surge, valiant efforts are being made to address the labor shortage. Amazon is seeking to hire 125,000 more workers for the holiday season; UPS, 100,000 and FedEx®, 90,000.[3] We hope they are successful in hiring these workers.

If there are any doubts that the capacity crunch will continue over the holidays, consider how integrators have handled their peak surcharges. As the name implies, these are additional fees traditionally added during the peak holiday season from around September through the end of the year.

This January, something unprecedented occurred: the surcharges didn’t disappear as usual after the holiday season. They not only remained beyond January 1—they actually increased mid-year. There’s only one way to read this news: UPS, DHL, and others expect what was once “peak” season to be the new normal year-round. And this holiday season will see even higher shipping volume than ever before.

For any organization that relies on time-critical deliveries—you should be making back up plans immediately—your once-reliable connection to the world may need an alternative solution.

The MNX Way

MNX specializes in making complex, mission-critical deliveries on time and in the right condition. When every moment matters, the last thing you should think about is the reliability of your logistics partner. At MNX, the right expertise, technology and partnerships come together to give you confidence, even during the holiday surge.

How does MNX create its own, more reliable supply chain amidst this chaos? Here are just some of the ways:

NFO pioneers: In 1972, MNX created Next Flight Out (NFO) service to make the time-sensitive deliveries that others could not. As a result, MNX has more experience and closer partnerships with commercial, cargo and private airlines than any other logistics company. That gives MNX the flexibility to precisely choose the right air carrier to deliver parcels anywhere on time.

That doesn’t necessarily mean putting your package on the next flight out. Using MNX Intelligent Routing—a proprietary transportation management system—MNX agents identify the best, most reliable flight every time.

For example, when a global CEO needed his passport ASAP—but it was nearly 3,000 miles away—MNX NFO was the answer.

The Parcel Express solution: unprecedented challenges require creative solutions. Rather than rely on an integrator’s aircraft and couriers to deliver on time this holiday season, consider a hybrid approach: leverage an integrator’s aircraft, but rely on MNX couriers for pickup at the point of origin and “final mile” delivery to the destination.

MNX routinely creates this hybrid solution, partnering with integrators while using MNX couriers to ensure timely pick-up and delivery. For example, a hospital may need to make an urgent, cold-chain shipment to clinicians across the country. Typically, the hospital would rely on an integrator for point-to-point delivery. But with the potential shipping delays expected this holiday season, a reliable workaround will need to be found.

MNX delivers the Parcel Express solution, using MNX Same-Day Ground couriers to ensure the package makes it directly into the hands of the integrator and is delivered to its final destination upon landing.

Air charter service: When the only flight that works is the one created just for you, the MNX Air Charter Team goes to work. During the pandemic, MNX has chartered entire aircraft to transport critically needed COVID-19 supplies to the UK, Australia and elsewhere.

While the logistics are complex, the solution is simple. Choosing MNX for air charter service this holiday season can help you deliver on time when no other strategy can.

It worked for a major Radiopharmaceutical Company that suddenly lost its reliable distribution lifeline to the world.

This holiday season, what miracle might the MNX Air Charter Team perform for you?

Avoid the risk

For mission-critical shipments that you cannot afford to be late, contact MNX. With unmatched resources on the ground and in the air—and flexibility far beyond parcel carriers, integrators, and freight forwarders to overcome a broken supply chain—MNX can deliver anything, anywhere on time, even during the holiday surge. MNX operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After all, chaos never takes a day off. So, we don’t either.



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