Chicago Station Manager Rhonda Jeter Dedicates Herself to Each MNX Client Under Her Watch

Rhonda Jeter
Station Manager - Chicago

“I view our customers’ inventory like it’s my own,” said Rhonda Jeter, Station Manager at MNX’s Chicago Warehouse. For her, every customer’s Service Parts Logistics’ (SPL) need is unique, and how each inventory item is managed, placed at a forward stocking location and shipped to its destination is crucial to the success of her customer’s business.

“Our SPL clients come to us because their inventory is precious to not only to them, but their customers as well,” Rhonda continued. One such client provides global cash technology solutions delivering secure, efficient payment systems and instant, highly accurate identity verification and authentication solutions. Their automated hardware solutions enable confidence in transactions and other interactions between businesses and people. “Equipment like this is highly specialized and fragile and must be delivered as quickly, safely and accurately as possible,” Rhonda said.

As Station Manager, Rhonda manages and supervises all activities as well as an array of tasks at the MNX warehouse facility in Chicago. As she puts it, “The work is sometimes demanding but always mission critical! I lead my team closely on doing what’s right by the customer.”

“Working at MNX demands caring as much about what’s in the box as caring about the box itself,” Rhonda explains. “We are the life blood of a client’s business. Understanding nuances of their business and how their inventory lives within their ecosystem is essential.”

During meetings with the cash technology solutions client, Rhonda learned the inventory not only needed to be shipped next-flight-out but also would need vital software updates so the products would be up-to-date and ready to go for end users once delivered.

“I immediately worked with the customer to develop a training protocol for the software install for our staff,” said Rhonda. “I requested a unit from the client we could use within our warehouse for training purposes. They had never been asked this question and was ecstatic to provide us with a unit with which to train,” Rhonda said.

Because of the dedication of employees like Rhonda to develop SOPs that exceed expectations, companies trust MNX to manage, forward stock and deliver some of their most critical service parts and equipment around the world. With distribution depots and more than 700+ forward stocking locations worldwide, MNX can meet most 2-hour, 4-hour or next-business-day delivery agreements around the world.

“It’s gratifying to be a vital link in the business chain of our customers,” said Rhonda. “By doing things the MNX way we open up wide lanes of communication between MNX and our customers and strengthen our partnerships beyond typical industry standards.”