Marianne Robert’s Team Helps Coordinate Couriers to Deliver Vital Medical Devices During Winter Storm Uri

Marianne Roberts
CEC Mountain Training Program Manager

In mid-February 2021, Winter Storm Uri swept across Canada, the United States and Northern Mexico bringing record cold temperatures and interruptions to electric and water service to over four million Americans. “The aftermath of Winter Storm Uri crippled the Southern States including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida,” said MNX Training Program Manager Marianne Roberts. “Transportation was nearly at a standstill.”

One of the many responsibilities Marianne holds is to be a part of the Mountain Customer Excellence Center’s Leadership Team that provides 24/7 support to clients and staff to ensure timelines, protocols and processes are in compliance. “During events like Winter Storm Uri, MNX has an all-hands-on-deck approach to ensuring our deliveries are not affected,” Marianne said. “Everyone gets into the trenches and fights to make that happen.”

MNX Training Program Managers like Marianne work closely with new and frontline staff to provide continuous training in processes and procedures. She also identifies areas for improvement, helping the staff adopt new technologies as they emerge, and identifying best practices that can come in handy during events like Uri. “We use all of the available information to maintain and create our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),” said Marianne.

Those SOPs kicked into full strength during the widespread disruptions from Uri. As an example, a global medical device company based in the Southeastern United States that provides essential surgical devices and equipment needed 30 shipments made to 30 separate locations over one weekend during all the confusion and delays brought about by the storm. Marianne’s team created a single point of reference document for all the shipments that contained information like courier availability and updated hours of operation for airport locations and shipment destinations.

“We were in constant contact with the client all day and night that weekend until completion.” Marianne said. “We also facilitated their utilization of our customer portal that provides real-time order processing and shipment updates.”

All of the surgical packages were delivered on time for their scheduled surgeries and the client has since increased their use of MNX for their time-critical shipments. That client’s mission is to return patients to health and mobility and help them perform at their fullest potential. At MNX, we feel we take on and adopt our clients’ missions. After all, MNX needs to perform at our fullest potential, 100% of the time, to ensure our clients do too.