Ryan Kidd Helps a Growing Telecommunications Service and Repair Client Meet Their Service Level Agreements

Ryan Kidd
Quality & Service Partner Management

Frequently a company’s rapid growth brings new business to MNX as our network of forward stocking locations and agents can meet the most demanding Service Parts Logistics (SPL) and inventory storage needs. Recently a Pennsylvania based telecommunications equipment and service company came to MNX for help and MNX Security Coordinator/Vendor Management Ryan Kidd answered the call.

“The business was storing and moving parts to support one of the nation’s largest domestic cell tower networks,” said Ryan. Unfortunately for the business, their SPL vendor at that time was not able to manage inventories and deliveries for a network that large. “Both our new client and the network operator wanted to transfer their SPL business to MNX because they were seeing massive discrepancies in reported and system counts and knew we could alleviate their issues quickly.”

Having employees with Ryan Kidd’s experience is how MNX meets challenges like large inventory transfers with the size and scope of this client. “Much of my responsibilities lie in building and maintaining the strength of the MNX agent network,” Ryan said. “We like to focus our attention on the customer and market needs with a special eye towards network and service expansions, to meet special project demands such as this.” As well as being heavily involved with our agent network and other security responsibilities, Ryan is notably the MNX point of contact with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) responding to audits, keeping records and training for TSA certifications.

All of Ryan skills, along with the help and expertise of his team, positions MNX to be uniquely qualified to respond to large projects like the essential storage, database management and shipping needs of our client to satisfy their contracts with their large, national accounts.

“It was a challenge that included a quick transfer timeline, inaccurate and missing information, a reluctant previous SPL vendor, as well as the need to coordinate multiple markets and multiple vendors,” said Ryan. “Despite all those challenges, we successfully transitioned 92 storage locations in two waves within nine days all while accurately securing inventory information.”

All professionals make their jobs sound easy, but it takes a lot of hard work to satisfy the needs of a project like this. It required working with the entire MNX network to verify and source forward stocking locations to secure available space in the requested markets, ramp up agent availability for the transfers and to secure additional vehicles. “All of this work was done while communicating persistently with our client so they could have the peace of mind that their issues would be a thing of the past,” Ryan said.

Ultimately, and due in no small part to employees like Ryan, MNX secured the rest of the client’s remaining markets.


Ryan graduated with honors from Western Washington University and then served as a commissioned officer in the US Army before moving to Colorado. He and his family enjoy the outdoors frequently hiking in places like Rocky Mountain National Park where Ryan can also pursue his love of photography and running. “I feel very lucky to work in such a beautiful place with so many outdoor activities,” said Ryan.