Life Sciences

High standards, high value, and high complexity: it’s the nature of logistics for the life sciences and healthcare industries. From transporting radiopharmaceuticals and irreplaceable lab specimens to high-value medical devices and more — trust MNX to execute time-critical logistics services with precision, passion, and professionalism.

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Life Sciences shipping is about connecting people and science to improve health. It's where our passion and precision unite.

medical equipment
equipment and medical devices in modern operating room
Hospital surgery corridor
In Laboratory Over the Shoulder View of Scientist in Protective Clothes Doing Research
Researchers working in the clinical laboratory
96 well plate for PCR processing, microbiological laboratory
Blood bag
covid 19 specimen collection kit
Doctor or surgeon with organ transport after organ donation for surgery in front of clinic entrance in protective clothing

Time-Critical Logistics In Action

When it comes to time-sensitive, life-impacting shipments, good enough is never good enough. It takes precision, passion, and partnership. We’re in this with you. While you care for patients, we will care for your logistics.

Beyond the Box – Our Why

Thinking beyond the box is thinking beyond the package placed in a cargo bay. Or a box being carried by an on-board courier.

Inside that box is something priceless that affects someone’s life. Every transfer, every step, and every stop are all part of a journey of hope for someone in dire need.

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