MNX’s complete medical device supply chain solutions are designed with the customer in mind:

- Just-in-time delivery of medical devices & equipment

- Storage and management of inventory

- Sterilization and restocking

- Reverse logistics

We handle your specialized product with the same degree of urgency and professionalism that you would every step of the way. When a life depends on it, MNX delivers.


When your proprietary components and prototypes are one-of-a-kind, trust MNX’s secure logistics and handling services to keep your intellectual property safe. We have the experience and operational resources to offer time-sensitive supply chain solutions, inventory management and fulfillment, providing specific expertise for:

- OEM manufacturers

- Component testing samples

- High value prototypes

- Master copy hard drives

Leave it to MNX’s expert service team to provide the most reliable, on-demand logistics around the world. For complete peace of mind that your shipments will arrive safely and on-time, you can depend on MNX.