Our dedicated logistics specialists understand urgency and are expert at finding the best air transportation solution for time-critical shipments.

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Next Flight Out

MNX specialists have mastered commercial airline scheduling and will ensure the next flight your shipment will take is the best commercial option available.

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Global Reach

Anywhere commercial airlines fly, so can MNX. And we probably have.

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Intelligent Routing

MNX Intelligent Routing identifies the best flight based on variables such as on-time performance, weather, schedule reliability, aircraft type, backup flight and security requirements.

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On-Board Courier

For added security, we can ensure your package is personally transported with a reliable, highly trained on-board courier.

UPS Airlines

UPS’s jet fleet is one of the world’s safest, most efficient airlines; moving everything from life-saving medicines and humanitarian aid to goods that keep the world’s economies humming.

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2000+ domestic and international flight segments.

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Global Access

734 airports served around the world.

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Package, Freight, Other

With over 550 aircraft across the UPS fleet and charter partners – everything flies first class.

Seven Things You Didn’t Know about UPS “browntails.”

In February 1988, UPS Airlines was certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) one of the fastest airline startups in FAA history.

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Air Charter

Some shipments are best suited for a chartered plane and we’ll secure the aircraft to your exact specifications. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Dedicated Team

Personalized care from take-off to landing. If your delivery requires a positioning flight, we have the technology and expertise to make the connection seamless.

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Right Aircraft

Whether it’s size, dimensions or capabilities, you want a partner who knows how to select the right aircraft for your shipment.

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Ground Couriers

No matter how remote the airport, our network of more than 45,000 couriers worldwide ensures we’ll deliver to your destination on time.

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