Time-Critical Logistics

When a delay is not an option, MNX is the solution.

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On-Time Delivery

Time-Critical Transportation

MNX's time-critical expertise completes the UPS transportation portfolio. When shipments need to arrive within a very tight window of time. MNX is the solution.

When fast isn’t fast enough.


2-4 Weeks


4-7 Days


2-5 Days

Air Parcel

1-2 Days

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2-12 Hours

Actual transit times vary. Time frames above represent typical transit times.

MNX, a UPS Company Your Next Time-Critical Partner

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We are a values-driven company. It’s what sets us apart and what keeps customers, partners, and employees coming back day after day, year after year.

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The safety and security of our employees, partners, and customer shipments is our highest priority. It is a responsibility we take seriously and ingrain in our culture.

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While technology is at the heart of MNX, continuous improvement is in our DNA. It is that spirit, and commitment to quality, that fuels us to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Every second matters. Our logistics specialists organize and execute complex solutions, while adapting to the unexpected.

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We do business openly and honestly. We are expert at designing the fastest, safest route to meet your commitment. This is the core of how we operate and is embodied by our employees every single day.

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Logistics is a shared responsibility. We are committed to being a partner to our customers, our service providers and our employees. By collectively taking ownership we confidently deliver on our promise.


Our customers’ shipments require vigilance, precision and deep knowledge that only comes from decades of experience.
These industries rely on MNX to safely and securely deliver high-value, time and temperature-sensitive shipments around the world.


When it comes life-impacting shipments, every minute matters. While you care for patients, we’ll care for your shipments.

Aviation & Aerospace

When you’re faced with an unplanned AOG – you need parts now. Trust our experienced AOG logistics team for NFO, charters, or ground couriers to deliver what you need – anytime, anywhere.

High Tech

Trust our enhanced security protocols when you need to move secure media between storage locations or clients.


Downtime is not an option. We're on the clock with you to ensure shipments arrive when and where they need to be.

Financial Services

Transport high-value, irreplaceable documents, and confidential information anywhere in the world using vetted agents, on-board couriers, or UPS Secure Services.


With decades of experience transporting sensitive data and documents to and from governmental agencies and military bases, we thoroughly understand the procedures, providing unrivaled efficiency.

Delivering Hope During A Major Winter Storm

The MNX Way

  • A radiopharmaceutical manufacturer in the Northeastern U.S. lost its distribution lifeline to the world when a major winter storm shut down the local airport for days.
  • Seriously ill cancer patients depended on these drugs for their very lives.
  • The MNX Air Charter Team arranged for a private charter plane to safely transport the drugs. We monitored every mile to ensure on-time delivery.
  • The radiopharmaceuticals were delivered within a narrow window to ensure viability—and patients received their life-saving treatment without disruption.

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