Transporting life science materials are more than just packages; they represent patients. MNX is honored to deliver critical medical shipments directly to patient care facilities or nuclear medicine departments, ensuring that doctors and providers can focus on delivering the best care possible.

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Healthcare Logistics Expertise

Life Science Logistics

Life Sciences shipping is about connecting people and science to improve health. It's where our passion and precision unite.

Healthcare Facilities

MNX provides timely, specialized transport of medical supplies directly to hospital rooms, offering streamlined courier services for growing healthcare networks. We are also trusted globally for safe, end-to-end delivery of critical lab specimens.

Equipment & Tools

MNX provides urgent and routine delivery services for surgical kits directly to hospitals, managing both in-house and outsourced transportation from one platform. We also deliver a wide range of medical devices and transport diagnostic equipment between healthcare facilities for loaner programs.

Biological Materials

MNX specializes in the reliable transport of time-critical cell and gene therapies, blood, and cord blood using specialized containers and expedited logistics. With a global reach and over 50 years of experience, we ensure prompt delivery through an extensive network of airports and professional couriers for medical and transplant needs.

Clinical Trials &

MNX specializes in the prompt and secure transportation of trial pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to clinical sites and patients, and is adept at delivering time-critical radiopharmaceuticals using coordinated air and ground logistics.

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Time-Critical Logistics In Action

When it comes to time-sensitive, life-impacting shipments, good enough is never good enough. It takes precision, passion, and partnership. We’re in this with you. While you care for patients, we will care for your logistics.

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Beyond the Box – Our Why

Thinking beyond the box is thinking beyond the package placed in a cargo bay. Or a box being carried by an on-board courier.

Inside that box is something priceless that affects someone’s life. Every transfer, every step, and every stop are all part of a journey of hope for someone in dire need.

Temperature Controlled

We are experts in transporting, storing and safely handling temperature-sensitive items from ambient to frozen.

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