Managed Transportation

Final mile logistics is increasingly complex. Your number one goal is to meet delivery commitments. Our goal is to simplify your final mile and deliver a total cost benefit for your organization.

Highly Trained Global Couriers
Total Cost Savings

Optimize Your Final Mile Network

Time-critical deliveries are just that … time-critical. There is no margin for error and too often that time margin chips way at financial margins. Additional drivers, additional vans and additional overtime hours are not sustainable. MNX’s Managed Transportation Program is sustainable. See how Medical Device Manufacturers benefit.

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Total Cost Improvement

Enjoy 25% total cost savings with a single partner to manage vendor performance, maintain contracts, process payables and most important, ensure the quality of your program across all markets.

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Driver Certification Program

MNX’s exclusive driver certification program, along with standardized driver on-boarding and quality checks, enables you to scale quickly, cost-effectively, and confidently.

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Technology that Delivers Assurance

MNX technology keeps everyone connected. A mobile app for drivers, a proprietary dispatch management system, and real-time updates for every member of your team who needs to know.

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Analytics for Action

Continuous improvement is our driver for your program’s success. Regular newsletters at local, regional, and full program-level provide immediate insight for swift program adjustments.

Managed Transportation In Action

Reduce costs, reduce complexity and reduce risk associated with a fragmented vendor network, inconsistent operating procedures, and non-existent driver on-boarding. Watch Now:

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