Delivering A Forgotten Passport Right Before Takeoff

person handing over passport

The MNX Way

  • A Fortune 100 CEO needed to make a last-minute flight from New York to Brazil. But his passport was home in Los Angeles—and there was no time to fly there to pick it up.
  • The precision logistics experts at MNX designed the perfect solution to bring the CEO and passport together at just the right time.
  • Using MNX’s Secure Media Solutions combining Next Flight Out service and GPS-Enabled Real-Time Monitoring, the passport was delivered to the CEO on time.
  • CEO boarded his flight to Brazil as scheduled, with his passport in hand.


Imagine you’re a Fortune 100 CEO based in Los Angeles, you’re in New York for meetings and suddenly you get the call. You need to be in Brazil ASAP. No problem: you’re used to last-minute changes to plans. Then you reach for your passport, and it isn’t there. It’s back home, thousands of miles away. What do you do now?

If you’re this savvy CEO, you call the logistics partner that makes the impossible, possible. You call MNX.

Creating a transcontinental solution (literally on the fly)

There simply wasn’t time for the CEO to take a plane home, pick up his passport and start his Brazilian trip from there. So the precision logistics experts at MNX went to work, designing the perfect sequence of events that would bring the CEO and passport together at just the right airport at just the right time:

  1. The CEO would fly from New York to Miami, where his connecting flight to Brazil (and passport) would be waiting.
  2. The CEO’s assistant in LA arranged to have his passport picked up from his residence, and handed over to the Financial Institutions and Secure Media Solutions team at MNX, who are experts in handling high-value and sensitive documents.
  3. To ensure the CEO and passport arrived in Miami on time, MNX used Next Flight Out service. MNX Intelligent Routing identifies the best flight based on such variables as on-time performance, weather, schedule reliability, aircraft type, backup flight and security requirements.
  4. As an added layer of security and peace-of mind, a GPS-enabled real-time monitoring device was utilized to monitor the passport on its transcontinental trip.
  5. An MNX courier recovered the passport when it arrived in Miami and then met the CEO in the terminal, right as he needed to check in for his international flight.

There wasn’t a moment to lose—and none were lost. Every event was coordinated down to the minute. And when the CEO was ready to board his flight to Brazil, he had his passport in hand.

Delivering confidence like clockwork.

Challenges like this have a lot of moving parts, and it takes precision logistics to harmonize them all. Our Next Flight Out and GPS-enabled real-time monitoring services worked seamlessly to create and implement the only solution that mattered: the one that made this CEO’s flight to Brazil possible, right on time.