Delivering Hope During A Major Winter Storm


The MNX Way

  • A radiopharmaceutical manufacturer in the Northeastern U.S. lost its distribution lifeline to the world when a major winter storm shut down the local airport for days.
  • Seriously ill cancer patients depended on these drugs for their very lives.
  • The The MNX Air Charter Team arranged for a private charter plane to safely transport the drugs. We monitored every mile to ensure on-time delivery.
  • The radiopharmaceuticals were delivered within a narrow window to ensure viability—and patients received their life-saving treatment without disruption.


When snow is measured in feet—not inches—and airports are shut down for days, how can lifesaving drugs make it to their patients around the world on time? More than a nightmare, it was reality for a radiopharmaceutical manufacturer in the Northeastern United States. A winter storm had just hit the region, and thousands of commercial and freight consolidator flights were cancelled.

At stake were the lives of patients with Stage III and IV cancer, who depended on these drugs as part of a rigorous treatment regimen. Radiopharmaceuticals have a short half-life and lose their viability quickly. If the drug wasn’t administered within a narrow timeframe, it would expire. Plus, each dose was tailored specifically for each patient. These drugs were literally irreplaceable—and time was running out.


A challenge any day, in any weather

Radiopharmaceutical manufacturers always require time-definite delivery of their drugs to patients—no matter what. In addition, there are regulatory and compliance hurdles to overcome when transporting radioactive material by air. That’s why only experienced logistics providers should be trusted to transport radiopharmaceuticals. Add to that the catastrophic consequences of a major winter storm, what this manufacturer needed was more than a logistics provider. They needed a logistics partner.

That partner was MNX.

Plowing the sky

When commercial and freight consolidator flights were grounded, MNX found another way: our Air Charter service. The MNX Charter Services Team arranged for a private charter plane to deliver the radiopharmaceuticals to an international airport outside of the area severely affected by the winter storm. From there, the packages were tendered to a commercial airline for delivery to the destination airport. An MNX courier then delivered the drugs “the final mile” to the oncology unit for patient treatment.

How was our charter aircraft able to fly when others were grounded? Our Charter Services Team worked with the aircraft operator, air traffic control, and local airport authorities to get landing clearance, ensuring that the runway was clear, and de-icing equipment was available for the safe operation of the flight.

Throughout the entire journey, our Charter Services Team and a dedicated Customer Advocate monitored every mile to ensure patients received the drugs within their viable window.

Delivering on time

Despite several days of airline cancellations and rolling delays, the radiopharmaceuticals were delivered when and where needed. More importantly, there were no delays in treatment. Because to us, we weren’t just shipping a package. We were delivering hope to those who need it most.