Fortune 500 Fast: Meeting Critical Service Level Agreements On Time

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The MNX Way

  • A high-tech Fortune 500 leader needed to deliver on critical service level agreements (SLAs) around the world.
  • The demands were challenging—including 2-hour, 4-hour and next business day delivery—every time.
  • The MNX Service Parts Logistics team created the precision solution, including 160 forward stocking locations (FSLs) around the world, plus an integrated global network of couriers and parcel carriers.
  • Around the world, SLA execution rates are higher while overall logistics spend is lower.


How does one Fortune 500 leader ensure its enterprise storage solutions continue to perform long after they’re sold in more than 140 countries around the world? Deliver on critical service level agreements (SLAs) no matter how fast the turnaround time: from 2-hour to 4-hour to next business day.

That starts with a precision service parts logistics (SPL) solution, tailoring a global forward stocking and same-day transportation network. Then, using the latest technology and automation to meet every SLA anytime, anywhere.

So, when the call comes to replace a vital part, this Fortune 500 company can deliver not only the part, but also the promise that it will arrive on time.