Case Study

Recovering A Lost Drug with a Minute to Spare

The MNX Way

  • A promising radiopharmaceutical therapy was on its way to the clinical trial site—until there was a problem on the runway: spilled fuel.
  • Because of the delay, the shipment missed its connection at the carrier’s hub. Even worse, the package was missing.
  • Fortunately, the package was equipped with GPS Enabled Real-Time Monitoring, an advanced technology that transmits location coordinates anytime, anywhere.
  • Thanks to quick action, the carrier located the package in the airport, and an MNX courier delivered the drugs in time for patient treatment the next morning.


It all started with a fuel spill on the runway. Plane after plane sat waiting for clearance to take off. Time was running out for one aircraft that held a special, irreplaceable cargo: a promising radiopharmaceutical cancer therapy in Phase III clinical trials. These drugs are viable for only a short time—and patients participating in the trial were relying on their arrival early the next morning.

The aircraft was so delayed that—when it arrived at the carrier’s hub—the shipment missed its connecting flight. The drug’s on-time delivery was already in serious jeopardy when a bad situation turned even worse: the carrier couldn’t find the package. It simply wasn’t in the cargo sorting facility.

As the carrier continued to look, time was ticking. What could the carrier do to find the package in time for patient treatment?

Life Sciecnes GPS 600x400

Where partnership and technology come together

MNX has a unique partnership with the carrier available to no other logistics provider. So our escalation specialists could instantly collaborate with theirs to locate the package. Fortunately, the shipment was also equipped with a GPS Enabled Real-Time Monitoring device.

This is an airline-approved sensor—attached to the shipment—that transmits GPS coordinates and environmental conditions anywhere in the world via 4G technology. This advanced system makes it simple to track any high-value shipment from origin through delivery.

Using the location monitoring feature, MNX quickly determined that the package wasn’t in the cargo sorting facility—but sitting at Gate 106, right where the flight had arrived.

The package had been found, but there was still one more challenge to overcome: getting it to the clinical trial site on time. There wasn’t a flight available that could ensure on-time delivery. So MNX arranged for a courier to drive and hand deliver the shipment to its final destination.


“Phew, it was close.”

In the customer’s own words: “I just wanted to say how much I appreciated all your help yesterday recovering this product from the carrier. Phew, it was close. The product made it by 4:59AM local time. I told the site that they should expect the package by 5:00AM! The dose was received in good condition and patient dosing is on track as planned without any delay!”

When a minute makes the difference, it takes precision logistics to succeed. It takes MNX.