Case Study

Rescuing an AOG in the Azores

The MNX Way

  • A U.S. commercial airliner on its way to Europe suddenly had engine trouble and diverted to the Azores.
  • The facilities there weren’t equipped for a major mechanical repair. A replacement engine, mechanics and equipment had to be transported ASAP from the U.S.
  • The MNX Air Charter Team and MNX Engine Logistics Team  arranged for a charter aircraft, mechanics and equipment to deliver a replacement engine. After the swap, the aircraft returned to the U.S. with the mechanics and defective engine.
  • MNX monitored and kept the air carrier informed of status throughout the journey. After the engine was replaced, the passengers continued to Europe with the shortest possible delay.


It’s a problem no pilot ever wants to see—and this time, it was happening over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Engine malfunction. 

With hundreds of passengers aboard, the U.S. commercial airliner on a flight to Europe was diverted to the Azores. And while the runaway was welcome, the location was not. The facilities there were not equipped to manage a major mechanical repair.

It was an air carrier’s worst nightmare: Aircraft on Ground (AOG), with anxious passengers ready to land in Europe, not stuck on an island halfway there.

The carrier created the best plan to get the plane flying again: ship a replacement engine from the U.S. to the Azores—along with the expert mechanics and equipment required to perform the complex task.

The solution was precision logistics—and MNX was the way.

Aviation Azores 600X400

Getting the plan off the ground

The MNX Air Charter and Engine Logistics Teams collaborated to get the AOG aircraft back in the air. First, MNX arranged for a right-sized charter aircraft to transport the replacement engine and mechanics from the U.S. to the Azores. The charter also had to carry all the tools and equipment to safely replace the failed engine with the new one.

Once the charter landed, MNX worked with the local ground handling agent, carrier and charter crew to safely unload the replacement engine. The charter crew then waited while the engines were swapped and the defective one loaded onto the charter for transport back to the U.S.

MNX monitored the entire journey to ensure that this mission critical AOG was handled with precision. And MNX kept the air carrier informed of every milestone along the way.


From AOG to flying high

The engines were swapped, and the aircraft returned to the U.S.—while another carried the passengers to their European destination. For MNX, the complex AOG challenge was routine. For the carrier, it was getting a plane back in the air as quickly as possible for the busy summer travel season. It was proof once again that MNX is more than a logistics provider. We are your logistics partner.