Case Study

When On-Time Delivery Is A Matter of Life or Death

The MNX Way

  • An organ-donating patient passes  away in North Carolina. In Colorado, a patient waits for a lifesaving  transplant.
  • The organ is viable for only a short  time and must make a nearly 2,000  mile journey in the middle of the night, when few scheduled flights are  available.
  • An air charter is the most reliable way to deliver the organ on time. The MNX Air Charter Team sources and positions the right aircraft to North  Carolina.
  • MNX informs the transplant team of  delivery status every step of the way.  The organ arrives safely on time—and the transplant is successful.


In North Carolina, a patient passes away but leaves something special behind: the gift of life. As an organ donor, this patient could bring hope to someone waiting desperately for a miracle. But the donated organ is viable for only a short time, and the clock is ticking.

The patient’s donor status is part of a database accessible to a vast network of organ procurement organizations. One in Colorado quickly matches the donated organ to a local patient waiting for a transplant.

The opportunity is here—and so is the challenge: the organ-donating patient passed away in the middle of the night when there are few scheduled flights.

How can the organ travel nearly 2,000 miles overnight and make it to Colorado in time—while a life hangs in the balance?

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When there’s a challenge, MNX is the way.

Because of the time of night, MNX quickly determines that an air charter is the best assurance that the organ will arrive on time. Every hour of every day, the dedicated MNX Air Charter Team stands ready to make the impossible, possible. The team can source and arrange the right charter flight to arrive at the right time—anywhere in the world.

The team quickly sources the best air charter option available and positions it to North Carolina. This process is far more daunting than simply finding an available aircraft. MNX must carefully balance the complexities of on-time delivery, cost certainty and the special handling required to transport a human organ for transplant.

Traditional logistics providers may find it all too challenging. But MNX has deep expertise, advanced technology and strong partnerships with aircraft owners and air charter companies worldwide. What may seem overwhelming to some, is routine to us.

Throughout the journey, MNX provides regular status updates to the transplant team in Colorado. So it is well informed and ready when the organ is delivered.


A delivery made, a life saved.

When on-time delivery is literally a matter of life or death, you wouldn’t trust the shipment to just anyone. You want the certainty of experience and the commitment to succeed no matter what. You want the precision logistics of MNX.

For the patient waiting in Colorado, the organ arrived on time and the transplant was successful. Today, the MNX Air Charter Team stands ready for the next impossible challenge. Perhaps it’s yours.