Forward Stocking

Forward Stocking ensures parts are quickly accessible to a broad service area - without carrying excess inventory. Knowing where to place your forward stocking locations (FSLs) is the challenge. That’s where the expertise of MNX comes in.

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Forward Stocking Locations (FSL’s)

Optimized Storage & Distribution

Its all about proximity. An optimized forward stocking strategy helps ensure you can quickly access the parts you need to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Time-Critical Access Across America

4-hour SLA coverage to 100% of the contiguous U.S. and 2-hour SLA coverage to 98% of the population.

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Network Planning and Optimization

Using dynamic network modeling, we’ll analyze and create the most efficient network for SPL distribution. This includes drive-time coverage and analysis from multiple FSLs, as well as cost/benefit analyses by FSL.

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Parts—Predictive Planning

Leveraging advanced technology from our partner network, MNX can recommend how much inventory to keep on hand and where—so you never run out of the parts you need, when you need them (or have too many).

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Reverse Logistics Management and Automation

Complete, turnkey services include generating RAWBs (return airway labels) and customer return instructions, automated return shipment tracking and reporting that enables efficient asset recovery.

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Smart Hands Solutions

Select DCs and FSLs can offer device testing, imaging and related services to the high-tech industry.

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Global Trade Compliance

What may be challenging to most is routine for us. MNX can give you turnkey access to 190 countries, offering importer/exporter of record (IOR/EOR) and other trade services. We know the local regulations everywhere—so you don’t have to.