Global Trade Compliance

It’s second nature to us: shipping DG (dangerous goods) wherever they’re needed around the globe. Shipping internationally and navigating the complex web of customs, duties and tax requirements. Global Trade Compliance. No problem.

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Customs Clearance

When the mission is critical, and the clock is ticking, a swift passage through customs is imperative.

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ATA Carnet Acquisition

Acquiring carnets are crucial to streamlining a shipment and avoiding unnecessary duty fees or value-added taxes. Our team can assist in the carnet process.

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Multiple Country Passage

Going through multiple countries for transport can feel daunting. Fortunately our team can coordinate each customs clearance for you, so you can keep your focus on the final destination.

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Rapid Clearance

The typical civilian experience of customs can be painfully drawn out and cumbersome. Our network of connections and robust international experience help ensure the process goes as quickly as possible to help you avoid delays and stress.

Dangerous Goods

Shipping hazardous materials? Experience makes all the difference between an uneventful flight—or a serious delay due to noncompliance.

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24/7/365 DG Expertise

Our on-site DG experts are available 24/7/365 to prepare, organize and review documentation—ensuring its accuracy before tendering to a carrier. In fact, our proprietary technology will automatically generate exactly the paperwork you need.

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DG-Certified Experts

MNX logistics specialists maintain certifications in International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods (DG) Regulations and stay up-to-date on current regulations, and monitor classification changes.

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Properly Packaged

MNX provides expert advice to ensure all packaging—including DG labels, markings and DG Shipper’s Declarations (DGD or e-DGD)—will comply with current IATA DG regulations.

Importer / Exporter of Record

Compliance is everything when you’re importing or exporting goods between countries. Because we’re experts with local import and export regulations, we’ll handle every issue, every time—no matter how many borders you cross.

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Local Expertise

In every country where we operate (over 190), there are MNX experts or agents on the ground to deal with every detail and answer every question.

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Handling All Documentation

MNX can assist with all declarations, permits, authorizations and certifications required by local governments.

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Concierge Service

In addition to legal requirements and documentation, we also take care of all duties, tariffs, fees and taxes.

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