Managed Transportation

The final mile is complex. Its where unexpected challenges put deliveries at risk, and you’ll do whatever it takes to meet customer commitments.

It is complex, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

We simplify the final mile – and we start by unifying all drivers, all routes, and all activities into ONE platform.

MNX Managed Transportation is our All-In-One solution to manage dedicated drivers for high volume, high risk, same day, final mile networks.

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All Drivers

Your employee drivers. MNX drivers. On-demand drivers. Every driver works within the MNX platform. This ensures consistency when PTO and absences require driver reassignments.

All Routes

One route or 100. One city or a national network. We bring all routes into the MNX platform for visibility, advanced optimization, and dispatch.

All Activities

Every scan, stop, drop-off, and pick-up is managed through the MNX platform. Everyone is always connected.

All-in-One Platform

With everyone connected in the same, single platform you gain unmatched visibility and unrivaled performance.