Next flight out (nFO)

Our dedicated logistics specialists understand urgency and are skilled at finding you not just the next flight out, but the best flight out.

+ Airports
Ready-access to over 500 airports
+ Countries
Shipping to and from, creating a truly global network

How We Can Help

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Intelligent Routing

MNX Intelligent Routing identifies the best flight based on such variables as on-time performance, weather, schedule reliability, aircraft type, backup flight and security requirements.

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Experienced Agents

Paired with MNX Intelligent Routing our experienced team assesses on-time performance, flight congestion and other variables that impact flight selection.

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Perhaps most importantly, we’re available to you exactly when you need us. All day, every day.

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On-Board Courier Services

When NFO alone is not enough, we can ensure your package is personally transported with a reliable, highly trained on-board courier.

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Global Network

In the world of logistics, relationships are crucial. With access to over 500 airports across 190 countries, we are truly global.

Beyond the Box – Our Why

Thinking beyond the box is thinking beyond the package placed in a cargo bay. Or a box being carried by an on-board courier.

Inside that box is something priceless that affects someone’s life. Every transfer, every step, and every stop are all part of a journey of hope for someone in dire need.

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