On-board Courier

From pick-up to final delivery, count on the highest level of security and accountability. An MNX-dedicated On-Board Courier (OBC) will hand carry your shipment as checked or carry-on luggage, maintaining full personal custody and control from end-to-end.

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Throughout Your Product’s Shipment Journey
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Shipping to and from, creating a truly global network

Accountable & Secure Shipping

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Fewer Hand-Offs

Minimizing hand-offs can help speed up the transport process. Using an OBC for end-to-end delivery ensures a streamlined and effective process.

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Live Updates

MNX’s comprehensive tracking system gives updates regardless of whether an OBC is present. However, an OBC can provide additional up-to-the-minute updates along the journey.

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MNX combines the efficiency of technology with the dedication of people. An OBC can help mitigate challenges and respond to unforeseen circumstances to help avoid delays.

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Rapid Customs Clearance

Flying internationally? Arriving in the middle of the night? Smaller international airports may not have a customs office open to process inbound cargo from midnight to 6 am. But an on-board courier, on a scheduled commercial flight, will always be able to go through customs upon arrival.

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Any Time, Anywhere

24/7/365 is our specialty. An MNX courier can hand carry your small package on a tight schedule—arriving at the airport just one hour before the scheduled flight time. (Compare that with cargo services, where the cut-off could be 3 – 4 hours domestically and five or more hours internationally.)

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Trusted Couriers

Reliable couriers are what makes MNX unique. Our team understands the importance of transporting life sciences materials and we are honored to be trusted with these jobs.

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