On-Demand Courier

Whether you have an urgent delivery across the city or across the country, our courier network will optimize routes, vehicles and drivers to deliver time-sensitive packages from envelopes to pallets.

On-Ground Couriers

24 / 7 / 365

We’re available to you exactly when you need us. All day, every day.

Expedited Ground Courier Services When You Need It

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On-Demand Ground

When the need is unscheduled and urgent, we have the partnerships and experience to deliver locally around the world. Across town—city to city—and counter to counter, you can be confident we’re there for you.

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Routed Ground

Regularly scheduled or dynamic routes improve efficiency, help ensure on-time pick-up and delivery and support cost certainty. Guided by local courier expertise, MNX advanced technology consolidates multiple-stop routes into a single, more efficient one for your specific need.

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Dedicated Ground

Let MNX provide a courier that’s 100% yours for a specific time period—from a single day to a full year. Use it for a specific route or as needs arise—and never be concerned about delays or surprises again.

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Forward Stocking Locations

Manage your inventory in convenient locations so you are poised for expedited shipments at all times.

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The world doesn’t operate on a 9-5 schedule. That’s why we’re prepared to transport critical shipments from equipment and parts to medication, at any time.

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Intelligent Routing

We utilize agile and thoughtful routing to avoid unnecessary delays and get product dropped off on schedule.

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Global Network

We are industry leaders thanks to our extensive network of courier and parcel carrier partners in every corner of the globe.

Beyond the Box – Our Why

Thinking beyond the box is thinking beyond the package placed in a cargo bay. Or a box being carried by an on-board courier.

Inside that box is something priceless that affects someone’s life. Every transfer, every step, and every stop are all part of a journey of hope for someone in dire need.

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