The ultimate level of security for high-value, high risk shipments.

Secure provides elevated chain of custody and the ultimate level of security for high-value, high-risk shipments via UPS Air and Ground network.

Greater control. Fewer touches. Less risk.

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Packages are picked up by a dedicated courier and delivered to the nearest UPS Air Gateway before being transported via UPS Air to the UPS Secure Hub in Louisville, Kentucky.

Secure shipments are placed in pink bags or sealed with pink tape for high visibility from origin to destination.

Pink means protection.

Secure Hub

Upon arrival in Louisville, Secure packages are off-loaded first, bypass the conveyors, and are moved directly to the Secure holding facility until departure.While at the Secure hub, bonded couriers and armed guards are responsible for all handling following HVHR protocols.

Once ready for departure, Secure packages are loaded last onto the departing flight, ensuring secure recovery at destination.

Safely handled and no conveyor rides.


Upon arrival at the destination UPS Air Gateway, Secure packages are recovered by UPS gate agents and transferred to a dedicated courier for final delivery.

UPS flights often arrive prior to commercial airlines allowing for the earliest morning delivery.

Less time in transit. More time in market.

Completely Secure

  • 24/7/365 point-to-point monitoring
  • Priority shipping via UPS Air network
  • Packaged in pink for distinction
  • Planeside tender, no conveyor rides
  • Off-duty police officer escorts
  • HVHR cargo seals
  • Chain of Custody documentation
  • Dedicated vehicles and team drivers

For the most advanced security:

  • Armored cars
  • Bonded couriers
  • Dedicated security
  • Serialized security seals