Special Handling

When shipments are time-critical, require special handling, or a swift passage through customs – our experience and global reach is unrivaled.


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Dangerous Goods

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Including Class 7. 1, 2 and 3.

Inside Precision

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Beyond the Door Delivery


It’s second nature to us: Shipping internationally and navigating the complex web of customs, duties, and tax requirements – no problem.

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Rapid Clearance & Multiple Country Passage

Customs can be drawn out and cumbersome. Our international connections help ensure the process goes as quickly as possible to help you avoid delays and stress.

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ATA Carnets

We can help you acquire carnets and avoid unnecessary duty fees or value-added taxes.

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In every country we operate, MNX experts or agents can assist with declarations, permits, authorizations, local certifications, as well as duties, tariffs, fees and taxes.

Dangerous Goods

With customers ranging from aerospace to nuclear medicine, we’re qualified and certified to handle a wide array of DG.

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Our DG experts are always available to prepare, organize, and generate the exact paperwork before tendering to a carrier.

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DG-Certified Experts

We earn, monitor, and maintain International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods (DG) certifications that meet our customer’s critical shipment needs.

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Properly Packaged

We provide advice to ensure all packaging – DG labels, markings and DG Shipper’s Declarations (DGD or e-DGD)—will comply with current IATA DG regulations.


MNX holds critical licenses for pharmaceutical logistics, including a Class 7 license in Italy for radiopharmaceuticals and an IATA certification for hazardous materials. These certifications enable MNX to support global drug development and ensure efficient, compliant shipment of sensitive materials.

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Inside Precision

Experienced professional crews to assist with inside pickup and delivery at offices, medical facilities and the residents of patients receiving home care.

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Shipment(s) arrive at the right time to avoid disruption for consignee.

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Professional crews assist with inside pickup and delivery at offices, medical facilities and residences.

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White Glove Delivery

White glove service can include unpacking, uncrating, basic setup, and debris removal.

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