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Trust Your High-Value Assets to MNX

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Trust Your High-Value Assets to MNX

We combine specialty warehousing with deep distribution expertise to meet any challenge anywhere around the world. Cold chain, high-value inventory, forward stocking built for time-critical turnaround: whatever your precise need, we’re ready to design the most effective solution for you.

Our Service Specialties


High value, high security, high criticality: When there’s no room for error, there’s the expert warehousing of MNX. This is your home for storing one-of-a-kind items, cold chain distribution and much more.

Temperature Controlled Storage

Whatever temperature range you require—from ambient to frozen—there’s an MNX facility built for you. Customizable IT systems, advanced warehousing facilities and strong partnerships come together to ensure product safety and viability.

Inventory Management

Increase efficiency, lower costs, gain complete visibility, transparency and more. Trust your high-value inventory to MNX: the world’s largest, independent mission-critical logistics provider.

Cold-Chain Packaging

There’s more to cold-chain packaging then the package itself. It takes the right technology—guided by expert hands—to ensure success. That’s our top priority.

Forward Stocking

Guided by the right expertise, this strategy can help you drive faster service to a broader area with less inventory on hand. See the difference our global network and advanced predictive modeling can make.

Around the World, We Make the Impossible Possible

Wherever you are, wherever you want to go—we’re already there.
Our global network of offices, subsidiaries and partners—including more than 2,400 partner agents and 20,000 couriers—empowers us to serve you in 500 cities across 190 countries.

It Starts with Success

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